A data center is a facility that centralizes shared IT operations and equipment for storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications. Thus, data centers are vital to the stability of the daily operations of the companies that use them.

Since different organizations use data centers, their architectures and requirements can differ significantly. Regardless of classification, data centre safety is the number one priority. An effective data center operation is achieved through a balanced investment in the facility and the equipment it houses. Also, both facility and equipment must be secured against intruders and cyberattacks.

Below, you’ll find a list of…

Video conferencing has been an important part of daily business routines for years, but it became absolutely indispensable since the pandemic sent entire organizations to work from home.

As a result of this, Zoom is no longer just a convenient tool that helps people from different parts of the world communicate face-to-face and have meetings without being in the same room. Due to social distancing, this virtual platform makes it possible for companies to carry on with their regular business activities even though all their employees are confined to their homes.

Let’s not forget that all physical conferences and trade…

Ding-ding-ding, have you heard? It’s 2030, and you are out of work (and a job)! Wait, what? Not to be dramatic, but it’s possible — especially if your vocation isn’t anything that’s currently trending or seems like something that’ll be trending in the future. The worst part? It’s not only your career that’s in jeopardy of becoming irrelevant… it’s virtually everyone’s.

Well, almost everyone’s.

As not all professions are created equal, so aren’t their respective cancellations.

Depending on where you are currently with your profession, knowledge, the industry you are in, and your future business orientation, your job is, more…

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson is a writer at Qeedle.com She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a

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